AKU Superalp GTX Shoes Men grey brown Size 44 5 2018 KCGYLTDMR



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Lining Description: Gore-tex Performance ComfortMidsole: Double Density PuOuter Material: leatherSole: VibramOutsole: Vibram FouràUpper: Protection Rubber RandUpper: Suede + Air 8000 1.8 Mm

The AKU shoe for all hikers seeking maximum protection and wearing comfort. The new IMS3 exoskeleton sole made of dual-density PU is in the top range of the backpacking category for its lightness. The AKU Superalp GTX is therefore the ideal shoe for hikes such as the High Wise Men of the Dolomiti as well as excursions of several days with heavy loads on the back. IMS3In combination with the Internal Midsole System, the medium-density PU exoskeleton framework provides stability and protection. At the same time, the feather-light polyurethane inner part offers shock absorption and pressure resistance. ExoskeletonThe exoskeleton technology of the sole is particularly suitable for the Superalp GTX model. The midsole is made of an outer polyurethane skeleton that is raised at the back to surround and protect the heel for optimal support and stability when walking. The asymmetrical structure - with a wider inner part and a polyurethane elevatio - provides support to the metatarsus while preventing overloading and pronation. AIR8000A unique technology exclusively used by AKU, which ensures a breathable outer material and optimum climate comfort. Laboratory tests prove that the breathability of AIR8000 is 11 times higher within 24 hours than with conventional fabrics. Gore-Tex Performance ComfortThe Gore-Tex membrane is an exclusive thermo-welded fabric. Therefore, water droplets cannot penetrate the membrane, while the water vapour, i.e. the gaseous sweat, can easily escape. This moderate insulation provides a dry and comfortable foot feeling during outdoor activities in different weather conditions. Anatomical FitAnatomical lasts for footwear in the trekking segment. Guarantees stability and promotes dynamic walking on uneven mountain trails VibramVibram soles are developed...

AKU Superalp GTX Shoes Men grey brown Size 44 5 2018 KCGYLTDMR

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